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Jeff Kozzi:  Sivil Galaxi

I work mostly in science fiction, but I have produced mainstream, horror and fantasy pieces.  The bulk of my science fiction is set in my own galactic backdrop, The Sivil Galaxi.  Detailed information and illustrations can be found under the "Lexikon" and "Sivil Galaxi" links.

My descent to darkness:  "Blindsided" Blog

Site last updated on 29 March 2013

"Ghost in the Rear-View" (finally) available in Our Haunted World

"Through Rose-Colored Lenses" online on Breath and Shadow

WTF?! anthology available at B& and Amazon
This story "The Rats of the Renaissance City" is a wild satire, not to be missed especially by Providence residents.  It inspired the cover as reproduced below.

WTF?! Anthology

"Feeling Freedom" online at The Wi-Files. This story is the first published tale to feature my main series character Blane Kajer.

also available at
"The 13th Day on Kurko" in It Lives! What has Mother Wrought?
 Malicious Deviance presents "Love Refinished"

The Aether Age: Helios with my story "Advance Gratitude"
M-Brane Quarterly #2: "A Pediatrician in Wartime"

Our Haunted World Malicious Deviance It Lives The Aether Age

"Ghost in the Rear-View" forthcoming in the anthology "Our Haunted World" by Whitlock Publishing.  Yes, this is still coming and may be available by the end of 2012.

See the Sivil Galaxi page for an index of Sivil Galaxi species and characters.

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I've since given up on keeping hit counters updated.  Who am I trying to impress?  I am not that commercial.  While I do not submit stories to non-paying fiction markets, I choose to keep this site ad-free.

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