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~A key to the source story references (in parentheses) appears at the bottom of the page


Advisori Parliament
governing council of Moon, secondary only to the worldly governor as a balance to hir power; the necessity of such a balance was fostered by founding Moonites who in part wanted to escape the monarchies of Shalhoon and Shelswun.  (SI)

classification of gender as either androgynous or neutral. This term can also be representative of a robot.

character from the Qualmloid Fables who represents unconditional romantic love. (Rise 28)

Angroolian (VVV, 13D)

Angroolian Flower Crisis (UC)
major political debate within the Interworld Kounsil of 2:62199, catalyzed by Angroolian complaints that members of the Merchant Union continued unauthorized collections of Angroolian botony. The Angroolians threatened war against the Merchant Union if the Kounsil failed to intervene with cease and desist orders against the Merchant Union.

deli meat, sliced yuun rump.  (RHW)

antibiotic shawl
blanket placed over the wounded to cover large or body-wide wounds, burns or afflictions without covering the wound so tightly it cannot breathe. (PW)

in Relk tradition, a grace said before the morning meal to give thanks for the meal and plead for the Kreator’s favor throughout the coming day. (WoD)

the HellLord, devil of Relk theology who tempts people away from the Kreator and faith in Hir. It is believed that Arfaxat breaks people’s faith to earn them damnation and then covets their souls after death. (EW, UC)

Relk word of approval used at the ends of prayers. (EW, SS, WoD)

Aselma (R)
(14:3:62155 - 8:4:62193) primero of Hidalgo from 62176 to his execution by Kajerist officers following Hidalgo’s conquest by the Kajerist Empire. Aselma had supported the Liberators prior to Hidalgo’s induction, and had appealed to them to abandon Hidalgo during the Kajerist attack.

human, pediatrician to Tarsus’ Doismeni’s children circa 62179. (SI)

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moon within the Galaktik Bulj that was conquered by the Kajerists in 62189 The crust accidentally ruptured during the attack, causing major catastrophe, but not the destruction of the world. Unspecified natives are also called Bards. (VVV)

subclassification of sentient life that crosses other classifications. A typical base-form is mammalian, has one head, two legs, two arms, and stands erect. Many races considered baseforms possess tails. The ability to stand fully erect for long periods and dual symmetry of the body are often the prevailing factors of classification. Among insectoids, "baseform" is considered to be six limbed, with insectoid eyes and some form of mandible. Avian baseforms have tails, two eyes, a beak, and hands on their wings.  An "ite" baseform has one head and two arms, but a tail instead of legs.  (Author's note:  there is a great in-context definition of "baseform" posted here.)  (IS)

Bauble of Knowledj
commonly known as the compbot MK-1, one of the Powers of the Sirkle originated on Medea and spread throughout the galaxy. MK-1's existence as one of the Medean Powers of the Sirkle was known by Kristof Kolten, who never shared this knowledge with his children Kassidi and Kristen before his death in 62196.

planet of a Blakkarrion colony established circa 7500


Kajerist cruiser in service at the conquest of Newquen, where it was captured by the Organized Resistanse ship Jider and impressed into service to the Organized Resistanse.

Bezyunyan Cerpitirik
"Coalition of Insectoid Sentients" as translated from the Jirweevan language. The Bezyunyan Cerpitirik was formed of insectoid worlds located outside the Galaktik Bulj in order to protect insectoid interests from drowning among mammalian expansionism and/or imperialism. Jirweeva first recruited other worlds in 60571 after seven failed colonization attempts by Qualmloids, Orfezzin, humans, and Jadanni. While ambassadors from Jirweeva failed to gain support within the Interworld Kounsil for the defense and sanctity of Jirweeva from unwanted colonists, the Interworld Kounsil often responded to complaints from the alien colonizers lodged against the natives with Interplanpol forces. Recruits included Wedon and Koriss, both of which joined on 6:3:60894. A war begun by reactionary fears to the growing coalition began on 31:2:61005 and lasted until 49:6:61017 when non-insectoid aggressors led by Qualmloids surrendered to the Bezyunyan Cerpitirik under terms of a one-hundred year settlement which included stipulations for the improvement of technological standing of Bezyunyan Cerpitirik member-worlds. Bezyunyan Cerpitirik carefully manipulated this treaty to separate Interplanpol forces from the beck and call of the Interworld Kounsil. This arrangement in fact returned the Interplanpol organization to its intended role of law enforcement and left the Interworld Kounsil an independent governing body without a military arm. At no point has the membership of Bezyunyan Cerpitirik expressed interest in large scale expansionism; as ever, the union exists to vanguard and protect its membership, which is limited only to worlds of insectoid anatomy without regards to the homeworld’s physical location. Membership in Bezyunyan Cerpitirik does nor preclude or supercede membership in the Interworld Kounsil, and most member worlds of Bezyunyan Cerpitirik in fact also are members of the Interworld Kounsil.

Billone (VVV)

biological monarchy
worldly or racial government that is a natural extension of biological dominance and/or rulership by a central authority that is often slightly different/superior from the racial norm. Examples include Resoids and Lieitos.


Blaakos-Shalhoon Unifikashun
official Kajerist title of the Blakkarrion Empire. (SI)

black and star space
(black space) space outside and removed from the Galaktik Bulj, where the lack of intense and overlapping illumination such as that found within the Bulj makes space appear a deep blue or black with speckled background of points of starlight

Galaktik Bulj space  black and star space 
galactic bulge space

Blakkarrion face

Blakkarrion Agreement
document signed 49:5:62179 by Kethe the Seventh of Shalhoon (under telepathic influence of Blakkarrion-allied Wallflis) and Tsaan of the Blakkarrion Empire.  This document allied Shalhoon with the Blakkarrion Empire and consequently began the Kajerist War. Provisions of the Agreement hidden within the document provided debatable allowances for Tsaan to assume control of Shalhoon after Kethe’s death. Kethe’s disregard of these provisions stands as indication of the telepathic maneuvering and the questionable legality of the document itself. (Rise)

Blakkarrion Empire
twelve world empire originating from and controlled by Blaakos, acquired mostly through conquest during the Blaakos-Simmel Wars. Further expansion of this empire beginning in 6:62179 resulted in the Kajerist War.

Blakkarrion-Kajerist War
see Kajerist War

Blakkarrion Kore
A Kajerist-era term, reference to the the original twelve world Blakkarrion Empire as it stood before the Blakkarrion Agreement expanded the empire with the alliance of Shalhoon and the conquest of Simmel.  The Blakkarrion Kore consisted of Bedross, Blaakos, Dephia, Dogomon, Fortress, Okeanibar, Quiglin, Ulven, Urak, Xenthia, Xonn, and Wellnighail.  (VVV)

Bolas Scharo

boom    travel faster than the speed of sound.

generic title for an undergalaktik commander, including people such as Kramos, Slade and Wijem

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cell rejuvinator
medical lotion that promoted cellular division and growth over open wounds and burns, decreasing the healing time and often to the prevention of scarring. Conversely, overapplication of cell rejuvinator can also scar in bubbles of skin tissue on the outer epidermic layers.

reading material on disk; electronic book or magazine that can be read on portterms. (WD)

honorific for "teacher " (PW)

Intergal Standard spelling of "chief" (Rise 51)

clone link
computerized system composed of several outlets that remain in constant connection. Clone links allow all units in the system to be receive updates at the time any change is made at any connection. There is no known limitation to the distance of clone link connections, thus such computer systems allow interworld communication without time delay as no signal must physically travel through space

communicating telepath
any race or being that can freely initiate telepathic communication and sense at least unguarded thoughts. They can transmit freely to other races, and many telepaths, such as the Resoid saam, can plant an opening in the mind of any receiving telepath, which leaves the recipient able to initiate contact back to the communicating telepath at a later time. (VVV)

Cosha Kabenta

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Dala Defonggi
(35:4:29600- ?) Jadanni, schoolyard bully in Tevrok on Fritzie circa 29610. (PW)

day change
zonal division on a world that follows Intergal time where the official change of Intergal date is marked, usually over the worldly capital or the largest spaceport.

day cycle
natural sleep/wake ratio for a person, according to race and/or the rotation of the natural or native world. Generally, smaller races have shorter cycles that necessitate several periods of sleep in an Intergal day. The mean time is seven intergal hours asleep per thirteen awake.

Delmeen (VVV)
Delmeen alien

derviz dopzan
small aggressive mammal native to Fritzie (PW)

Desig Vadashalk
Budor female botanist who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

supreme being of the Holun theology.

The second largest Interworld religion, based on the belief in God as Kreator and Supervisor of all life throughout the galaxy. Every Sentient’s life is believed to have been planned by God, but must be pursued with righteous living. God may also push people off their destiny in Hir displeasure, with ultimate displeasure resulting in eternal damnation among Infernal’s realms. The Destinist religion was begun through other races by agents of the Medean elite, one hundred years before Simmellian first contact with other spacefaring races. The Medeans created several sects independent of each other across dozens of worlds. As the societies surrounding those sects established or broadened interworld contact, sects of Destinists merged with the approval and encouragement of the Medeans. The first merge between two sects occurred in 2934. The universality of the religion helped strengthen it with the rationale that if the exact same creed developed in so similarly across the galaxy, it must be true. While the Relk religion was practiced by Qualmloids for millennia before the Medeans appeared to other races, Devout Destinism is acknowledged as the galaxy’s oldest interworld religion. It is second to the Relk theology only because Destinists are divided into more sects and do not operate with a central authority to which all sects answer. SEE ALSO: Golden Age; Infernal; Ingrashas; Kreations; Medea;

squirrel alien

firearm intended for use against mechanical adversaries. A disnetwork shot freezes the functions of many robots, even through defense shielding. Robots without defense shielding usually must be entirely reprogrammed after being struck by a disnetwork blast. The disnetwork discharges an electromagnetic blast that freezes the robot’s power systems and freezes hir circuits. Disnetworks can also be employed against stationery mechanics, although most are not powerful enough to effect a starship or a g-car

Dogomon (VVV, RHW)
Dog or Man?

Dogomon-Koobtrite War
war started ninety-two years after first contact with Koobtrite when Dogomons working among colonizers/profiteers visiting Koontrite developed a taste for the much smaller aliens. As word-of-mouth spread back to Dogomon, the Dogomons began kidnaping Koobs for food trade on Dogomon. While the Koobs possessed low levels of native technology, their capacity to learn the use and maintenance of alien technology proved adequate to make them adept at the adoption of technologies for their own use. Through these means, the Koobs first stole then built their own starships and attacked Dogomon on 16:3:32694 in order to deter future abductions of Koobs for Dogomon food trade. The Dogomons failed to realize the source of the attack on their homeworld and actually increased their abuse of Koobs in stockpile of provisions in preparation for war. Koobtrite followed through with further attacks and imploration to the Interworld Kounsil. Interworld Kounsil addressed to Dogomon in favor of Koobtrite, identified Koobs as the attackers of Dogomon. The Dogomons made retaliatory attacks against Koobtrite. After Simmel marshaled forces against Dogomon, Dogomon temporarily withdrew until launching a massive assault against Koobtrite on 37:3:62195. Interworld Kounsil retaliation came swiftly, necessitating Dogomon’s end of the war with a treaty not to violate Koobtrite space.

Dolar / Dolarian (IS, SI)

Domenika Bruel

Doorein    fifth month of the Intergal year

largest ocean on Qualm, reformed and named the same on New Qualm. Dorudim was the spearhead of the Blakkarrion attack that destroyed New Qualm. (EW)

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Eanbi alien



effecting telepath
any race or individual who, while not necessarily a communicating telepath, can transmit mental waves across telepathic fields, thus affecting other minds. Effecting telepaths can transmit a sudden mental jolt at an individual to cause t-shock. An effecting telepath can also transmit on non-communicating wavelengths to block communicating telepaths from transmitting and/or receiving clearly. Effecting telepaths can experience difficulty with specific lines of communication while transmitting their own effect, i.e. they are not always immune to their own effects. Effecting telepaths are not always Sentient and do not always possess control over their fields of effection. Wallflis are effecting telepaths. (VVV)

"community parish" from the Qualmloid language, usually the second word of each parish’s name, followed by the city in which the parish is located, such as Welportish Eltor, the parish run by Klair Somer for the two years prior to New Qualm’s destruction. The term eltor is used for both the religious structure and buildings physical land of the community. The eltor is the larger group of buildings and land owned by the Relks, while the ubbamos is the actual ceremonial building and the Hurehuoi is the greater Relk community. (EW).

eminent plane
division of the galactic plane, considered the top half, the side in which the Sentral Sistem is situated

empathic telepath
race or individual with limited or uncontrollable telepathic abilities. Empathic telepaths can transmit emotions or sensations with the power of an effecting telepath. While most are also communicating telepaths, a few races have demonstrated various degrees of difficulty in blocking receptions of emotions, especially stronger, more suddenly-felt feelings, or from individuals who project strong waves or vibes. (SI)

standard soldier in the Kajerist armed forces. (FF)

bittersweet nuts, a delicacy discovered by colonizers on Paradise. When ingested, these nuts act as an aphrodisiac to many mammallian races, including humans.

"ward" or "charity child" from the Qualmloid language, usually provided as a surname to individuals raised in Relk care.  Children given this surname can change it upon marriage or professional entry into Relk service. (EW, (BA)

spiritual leader who is not a jarti for the sole reason that se is not a Qualmloid. Espinas typically serve to non-Qualmloid populations as a jarti and receive identical training. (FX)

pastry of Noshinsi recipe (13D)


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from the Orfezzin language, "luck" (VVV)

Kajerist vessel that rescued the Sivil Mishunari from the destruction of New Qualm. (EW)

feel something like a Simmellian’s stare
idiom, to be unable to ignore a feeling or influence

Simmellian term of brotherhood among their species; as Terrans are humans, Simmellians are fellows.

Ferdil / Ferdilorn

character from the Qualmloid fables, a sexual conqueror characterized, in different parables, as an ignorant heartbreaker, a propagator of the species, and a frail, shallow individual incapable of sincerity or commitment.

First Day
first day of the month, or, in context, first day of the week; any day ending in "1"  (VVV)

planet of a Blakkarrion colony established in 54:1:19321

from the Koman language, "devastator"

Koman war vessel, lost in Kajerist battle in Zorfin, 62198. Its entire crew was believed destroyed with the vessel, although several officers were transferred to Rachi. Most were freed following the war’s end in Sorzle, 62198.

Freedom Vaksines
series of vaccinations administered during the school years by planetary governments by joint order of the Interworld Kounsil and the Interplanpols. Parental approval is necessary on some worlds, but not all. The vaccinations are tailored to the race of the recipient according to what decease contractions are theoretically possible. Within three hundred years after the onset of compulsory vaccination in 29037, world-to-world decease was reduced by 89%. The vaccination series is named the Freedom Vaccines due to the vaccinated individual's freedom to travel between worlds with just a 1.6% chance of spreading or contracting a decease. (R-91)

Frest Gufdoun
Noshinsi female biologist who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)


Furgoi cruiser
combination fighter carrier and warship of Orfezzin design, of medium size (BA, EW)

Futolin / Futorip

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standard generic abbreviation prefix for "gravity"

personal vehicle that hovers about a kroop above the surface by means of g-nullifiers (IS)

g-nullifiers or other portable unit that emits a specific gravitational field that overrides other gravitational, and often magnetic, exertions that might effect the wearer. G-generators are usually worn in belts or bandoliers or within the soles and heels of footwear. They are used primarily by spacefarers who frequently visit worlds or vessels with different natural gravitational exertions.

devices used extensively in the construction of many types of robots, allowing the robot to hover or fly as means of self transit. Larger devices can suspend, reduce, or increase gravity within specific fields or areas. Personal devices are often worn by interworld travelers to keep the wearer under a specific gravitational pull that nullifies other surrounding gravitational attractions. Such devices on starships generate a field that eliminates the gravitational pull on the ship, thus making liftoff and atmospheric escape as effortless as traveling through space.

Galaktik Bulj
the populous central regions of the galaxy, where most of the galaxy’s stars are situated. Space within the bulge is bright due to the overwhelming number of stars and their collectively radiated light. (IS)

coffee-like beverage (13D)

genital hidden
classification of Sentient life forms that refers to covert genitalia typically concealed without clothing. Concealment is typically through the organs’ natural ability to retract into the body; eternal state within the body without the ability to protrude from the body; or, in rare instance, the existence of such long or thick hair that constantly conceals the genitalia.

genital obvious
classification of Sentient life forms that refers to overt genitalia that cannot be concealed without clothing. Such races must keep their genitalia concealed in public per an Interworld Kounsil law of 19581.

title for the regimental commander of Jadan forces (PW)

among humans is 3 ½ months. In earth time, gestation is 9 months, or 23,328,000 seconds, which equals 25,567,488 Intergal seconds. Those Intergal seconds equal 213.624 days, or 3 months, 33 days, and about an hour.

Gilok Vadashalk
Budor male botanist who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

non-sentient reptile native to Fritzie. A protective upper shell forms an extremely flat back. (PW)

capital city of Hemp

native name for the Noshinsi race.

Gordom  (IS)

Great Rift
the zone of avoidance that dissects the galactic plane. As the Great Rift is composed of dark matter and cosmic dust, starships must slow below the speed of light to reduce the risks of collisions (UC)

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sensory organ on some aliens, a water or moisture sensing organ  (13D)

Helena Loitraid  (SI)

Hemp (BA, VVV)
Hemp alien

formal Jadan term of respect used in addressing adult males (PW)

the most common and broadly effective antibiotic known to the Jadanni people. (PW)

third person objective pronoun used to distinguish an amale person or identity, including robots.

when capitalized, in context, reference to a supreme being or Infinite Intelligense

third person possessive pronoun used to distinguish an amale person or identity, including robots.

emphatic pronoun used to distinguish an amale person or identity, including robots

uninhabitable gas giant planet in the Fritzie stellar system. (PW)

major interworld religion founded on belief in God as Desiner. Destiny is a fundamental principle of the faith. There is no relation to the Destinist religion; in contrast, Holuns see God as more personal and believes Se more actively oversees Hir Kreations through their lives. Holuns are stringent in the hierarchy of their clergy, and believe Kreations are to actively seek their destinies. SEE ALSO: Desiner; Destinists;

Konvokashun exploratory starship that led the expedition of first contact with Vizkalt.  (IC)

Blakkarrion commander who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

The greater Relk community of an eltor. (EW)

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non-engendered Koman word for absolute ruler, loosely translated as "Empress" or "Emperor". Has no exact counterpart term in Standard.

Infinite Intellijense
God as seen as an omnipotent and omnipresent spirit.

Destinist demon who attempts to lead Kreations away from their predestined paths.

any world or region whose native inhabitants have had public contact with other worlds. Worlds with primitive societies that are known throughout the galaxy but whose people do not know of alien life forms are not considered initiated.

inner system speed
maximum safe speeds within a stellar system. This can be a variable factor depending on system configuration and objects, gravitational or other exertions, and other traffic.

classification of life. When regarding Sentient life forms, "insectoids" includes biologies more accurately classified as arachnids.

Inter-Inter Summit
periodic meeting between the Interplanpols and the Interworld Kounsil.

Intergal Time
Intergal time is an artificial measure independent of any stellar motion "devised by the Simmellians".  Year was was retroactively calculated for its first day to be the day Simmellians, the first spacefaring race, first landed on another habitable world, Angroolia.  That very first contact was on 1:1:1  (day:month:year.)

There are six months in a year, each six weeks long.  Weekdays are not named as the first of the week always ends with the integer 1.  The months do have names.
1.  Krinn
2.  Zorfin
3.  Pallas
4.  Sorzle
5.  Dorein
6.  Lepsid


































The above chart shows the relation between measures of time.  The primary difference is that although there are 60 seconds per minute, there are 100 minutes per hour, and one Intergal second does not exactly equal one Earth second.  Intergal timer advances approximately 10% over Earth time, thus when Kass is referred to as sixteen years old, his earth equivalent is closer to 18 years old.  Human gestation is usually something less than  3 1/2 months Intergal.

Interplanetary police force that acts under advisement of the Interworld Kounsil, although the Interplanpols make their own policy and are biggest influence to Interworld Kounsil laws governing interworld jurisdiction. The Interplanpols may grant immunity from arrest or prosecution as long as the immunized part remains in direct Interplanpol territory. Most worlds co operate with the Interplanpols and maintain Interplanpol offices. Circa Intergal 50000, the relationship between the Interworld Kounsil and the Interplanpols grew steadily closer. As the ninth, tenth, and eleventh Blaakos-Simmel Wars demonstrated a need for a military arm of the Interworld Kounsil, the relationship grew closer. Official reseparation occurred beginning 41:6:61056 as a condition of the 51-year war between the Interworld Kounsil and the Bezyunyan Cerpitirik.  (VVV, IS)

caverns running beneath Moon’s surface to link the domes cities. The Intersitis are the only means of traveling between Moonite cities without teleportation. (SI)

Interworld Kounsil
regular ruling body between worlds and other interworld organizations. The king or kelekt of Shalhoon ordinarily acts as Kounsilhead, although regularly scheduled meeting may occur without the attendance of the Kounsilhead. The Interworld Kounsil convened on Plase from Plase’s reoutfitting completion in 1512 until completion of Shalhoon’s outfitting in 25000. The Kounsil has authority over space between worlds, in accordance to and conjunction with the Interplanpols, but has no absolute authority over individual worlds. Circa Intergal 50000, the relationship between the Interworld Kounsil and the Interplanpols grew steadily closer. As the ninth, tenth, and eleventh Blaakos-Simmel Wars demonstrated a need for a military arm of the Interworld Kounsil, the relationship grew closer. Official reseparation occurred beginning 41:6:61056 as a condition of the 51-year war between the Interworld Kounsil and the Bezyunyan Cerpitirik, leaving the Interworld Kounsil once again a co operative government without a military arm. As a consequence, if the Interworld Kounsil should vote to declare war on another world or united-world government, military force for the confrontation must be provided by the worlds contributing to the majority vote for conflict. This has had the predictable side effect of ending wars involving the Interworld Kounsil at large due to a lack of commitment on the part of most member worlds to sacrifice their own resources. Wars following the Bezyunyan Cerpitirik Treati became private affairs between the directly-involved worlds unless additional parties believed strongly enough in one cause of the dispute to make direct involvement.

Interworld Transit Deliveri
private, Merchant Union-member company that delivers packages between worlds via company-owned vessels and private contractors.

suffix that usually but not always (as in Moonites, which was derived from racial memory of humans) denotes a race with a serpentine tail instead of legs. This was adopted in honor of Hapsinites.

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any member of the race originating from the world Jada. In its purest form, this means only people native to Jada, where a Jadan born on a world other than Jada would be referred to as a Jadanni. The cultural and thnic contexts of the terms Jada and Jadanni can be sensitive and inflamatory and are the biggest source of confusion to non-Jadans. (Or at least this is my explanation for my own inconsistent use.). A polite term for a darker-skinned Jadan is "Losul"

things other than natives of Jada that derive of origins from Jada. Over time, Jadans began referring to other Jadans who were not born on Jada as Jadanni (plural Jadannis). The cultural and ethnic contexts of the terms Jadan and Jadanni can be sensitive and inflammatory and are the biggest source of confusion to non-Jadans.

Jadanni War
conflict that began on 51:1:29631 when Fritzie peaceably declared its independence from originator world Jada. Jada responded with a military attack against Friztie on 3:2:29631, to which a prepared Fritzie retaliated with attacks on Jada and its colonized moon Kona on 26:2:29631. The war officially began on 27:2:29631 with a joint declaration against Fritzie by both Jada and Kona. On 57:2:29631, Funtrite entered the war in support of Fritzie. The War ended on 54:5:29633 following biological warfare instigated against Jada by Funtriteni that eventually killed 43.6% of Jada’s population. Despite its Jadan origins, Finemines never entered the conflict and saw the benefit of Jadan withdrawal from Finemines on 1:1:29635, in part because the Jadanni needed all resources to fight the Funtrite Baduzi, and in part because they had decided it was easier in the long run to buy resources than to maintain colonies.

worldly or zonal governor of the Relk congregations, answerable only to the High Jarti. Most worldly governments work with some counsel from the local jarti in shaping moral laws, especially when no other interworld religion is prominent on the world. A stipulation to being a jarti is that the candidate must be Qualmloid.  (VVV)



character from the Qualmloid Fables, a representative of patience and punctuality. (WoD)

the first city completed during the construction of Moon, opened 1:1:2700, and was the third Moon city attacked during the Kajerist invasion in 62179. It was the third largest city on Moon.  (SI)

Jorline Senter
the open, downtown area of the Moon city Jorline, used primarily for civic gatherings.  (SI)


meatpacking city on Shelswun, consisting of breeding farms, slaughterhouses, packing and canning plants and other meat processing buildings as well as cubicle residences for the people employed within the city.

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Kabern Diktum
quasi-official Kajerist policy of inducting new worlds into the Kajerist Empire by sending a peaceful delegate or ambassador who assured the target world that Shalhoon and the Kajerists had peaceful intentions, but that the Blakkarrions wanted the world as part of the Kajerist Empire and would attack. The fear of Blakkarrion attack worked in most cases. The dictum is named after Sabrina Kabern, who successfully employed this psychological leverage on Paala (15:6:62179), then on other worlds including but not limited to Keppin (21:6:62179), Mordoras (41:6:62179), Zriti (4:1:62180), Heso (58:2:62180), and Garrikk (29:5:62180). The most renown failure of the Kabern Diktum was on Angroolia, when employed by Teloch Regna in 62181. (VVV)

Kado Pride
warship in service to Fritzie government during the Jadanni War. Kado Pride ferried casualties from Ralmatta during the second attack by Jada and Kona. (PW)

soldier, delegate, employee or sympathizer of Shalhoon and/or Kethe Kajer during the Blakkarrion-Kajerist War. The name mostly distinguishes people loyal to the Kajerist Empire over that organization’s Blakkarrion roots. The term was created by Sabrina Kabern in order to linguistically and socially distance the atrocities of the Kajerist War from direct association with Shalhoon.

Kajerist Empire / War
Thirteenth Blaakos-Simmel War, begun with the signing of the Blakkarrion Agreement between Kethe Kajer of Shalhoon and Tsaan of the Blakkarrion Empire in 62179. Within this first calendar year of the war, it became known as the "Kajerist" Empire because the empire had grown from the original twelve worlds of the Blakkarrion Empire to 101 worlds. This would not have been possible if the Blakkarrions had not possessed the support of Shalhoon.

Kalvin Jakson
(28:4:62121 - 41:6:62174) human, Helena Loitraid’s predecessor as Cief Administrator of Moon, killed by Rhulshun in preparation of Tsaan’s intrusion of the Sentral Sistem. Jakson was poisoned, with no trace of the cardiac arrest-inducing substance found in his body. Due to the seeming natural cause of his death, this assassination was not generally linked to the accidents that plagued the Sentral Sistem prior to Tsaan’s alliance with Kethe Kajer. Jakson ruled Moon from 1:1:62160 until his death. He had already been elected to his fourth term, which would have started on 1:1:62175. (Rise 84)

a mockery of any true court of justice, in which the defendant is charged with fabricated accusations or otherwise holds no hope of a fair verdict because of popular or political influence on the proceedings. Also any court, legal or self-appointed, known to pursue irresponsible, perverted, fabricated or otherwise irregular proceedings.  (VVV)


Keppin (CC)

Kethe Kajer (SI)

starship in Kajerist service, originating from Shalhoon. Under Commander Teloch Regna, Kiyansut led the attempted political conquest of Angroolia in 5:62181. The Kiyansut then went to Beld, where Regna was removed as Commander.

any of assorted forms of poultry used as foodsource. This is a generic term that indicates no world of origin. (EW)

Kobik / Kobiks


Koman Republik
longstanding multiworld government centered around the inhabited worlds of the Koman Kluster with member worlds that spread out into the main plane of the galaxy. Ruled by the Koman race from the planet Throneworld, the Koman Republik stood at 759 worlds at the beginning of the Kajerist War in 62179; 93 worlds joined the Koman Republik throughout the Kajerist War, most to avoid unwilling indoctrination into the Kajerist Empire. By the Kajerist War’s end, the Koman Republik stood at 852 worlds.

An Interworld governmental organization. The Kovokashun was a separate entity from the Interworld Kounsil yet worked in close conjunction with the Interworld Kounsil. The Konvokashun was charged with several responsibilities to the Interworld community.   Formation of the Konvokashun began in 20443 in response to a Blakkarrion war that had begun when Blakkarrions began fortifying Bedross and Fortress. Politically within the Interworld Kounsil, the Konvokashun formed with the addressed needs for Missions 1 and 2. Most political opposition came from known aggressors in multiple Interworld conflicts such as Blakkarrions and Dogomons, among others. To allay such concerns, Missions 3 through 5 were added with acknowledgment of the potential need for an Interworld military force. Opposition continued, resulting in the complete separation of the Konvokashun from the Interworld Kounsil.  (IC, CC, WK)

planet colonized by the Wedon race in 51037

organic optical treatment that temporarily reverses simple causes of diminished eyesight by partially congealing over the eye to form a lens. The lens shape and refractions are programmed in the DNA that controls the congealing process.

Kotesi War
Last War between the Koman Republik and the Sivil Galaxi, 43:5:58157 - 59:4:58169. Begun when the planet Kotesi attacked Koman Republik trading ships and the Koman retaliation was perceived by the Sivilians as an unwarranted conquest of Kotesi and a resurgence of Koman imperialism

100 kroop, 129.4 feet. (VVV, IS)

Krag (Teriz) Defuhn
(29:4:29600 - ?) genta of forces that repelled the Jada and Kona attack on Fritzie on 38:2:29631. During the battle, Krag was wounded while saving two gunners from a stricken tank. The wounds became infected, possibly in part due to biological warfare release from the enemy. He was born Krag Teriz and married Yenlik Defuhn in 29621. (PW)

Green-eyed Orfezzin undergalactic boss who was one of Slade’s first major rivals. Active since approximately 62169 (Rise 18), Kramos escaped capture by Interplanpol agent Jorgen in the Gordom city of Nozun on 33:6:62179 due to the empathic backlash Jorgen felt from his people during the Kajerist-Blakkarrion conquest of Dolar. (IS)

third largest and most militant nation on Kodia, which entered Kodia into the Kajerist Empire in order to gain backing for a planned invasion of Krokroka. After winning that worldly war, the Kreekopdinaks sold the Krokrokaks into Kajerist slavery and drafted their own citizens into Kajerist service.

10 kriip; equal to 0.1294 foot or 1.5528 inches (SI, VVV)

native name for Dogomons

1/100 kroop, approximately .013 inch (SI)

first month of the Intergal year

10 kreep, equal to 1.294 feet (SI)

1,000 kraap, equal to 129,400 feet

"hope" in native Blakkarrion (13D)

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Laban Doismeni
(7:6:62167 - 33:6:62179) son and eldest child of Tarsus and Magda Doismeni, killed at school during the Kajerist attack of Moon.  (SI)

small, mammalian, non-sentient, dog-like creature often used as a pet. Ownership of lantils became a fad circa 62170 due to the prominent appearance of a lantil puppy in an unspecified cahit.

standard sidearm that discharges high-intensity lasers

sixth month of the Intergal year

Liberator Authoriti
commanders in charge of the Liberator forces at 'the end of the Kajorist War. These commanders were as much politicians as they were true soldiers, and took command of Liberator operations in response to widespread turmoil throughout the Kajerist Empire as the Kajerists and Blakkarrions began sudden and violent disunity

life expectancy
varies widely from race to race. Humans typically live to an average of 90 (males) to 95 (females) on ideal worlds such as Shalhoon or 59 (male) to 63 (females) on a polluted world such as Shelswun or one with adverse effects such as Shorns’ sulphate overabundance. Individual listings found under most races.

any portable console used to remotely connect to a larger computerized intelligence. Most linkboards are small enough to fit into a breast pocket. More sophisticated models can act as portable information terminals limited only by the extent of the databanks of the parent core intelligence.

Blakkarrion security officer who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

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Magda Doismeni (SI)

small mechanical generator that produces short waves of magnetic and gravitational force, typically used to interfere with technologies susceptible to failure through these forces. If the generator is small enough, it can remain undetected by diagnostic sweeps and inhibit only localized operations of a multi faceted system.

Malwella Tauz
(32:6:29600 - ?) Jadanni, pediatrician on Fritzie who was drafted into temporary treatment and service to the military following the Jada attack on Fritzie in 29631 (PW)


Mard Gufdoun
Noshinsi male biologist who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

Margaret (Bestor) Wesson
human, (21:4:62098 - 15:5:62185) wife of Gradi Wesson, housemaid and hostess at the Kajer Manshun from 42:5:62118 to her death by fatal heart attack catalyzed by a Dogomon agent and precipitated by trace poisons due to Marj’s disapproval of the Blakkarrion Agreement.

Marshale / Marshalite

Marspentin alien

grade school teacher in the Fritzie, town of Tevrok circa Intergal 29600 (PW)

Megan Dren
(34:2:62114 - ) Barkolan ambassador to the Interworld Kounsil from 62161 to 40:6:62179, the first to walk out of the Cambers when Kethe Kajer declared that participation in the Interworld Kounsil equated to participation in the unification. Dren resumed representation of Barkola during the Kounsil’s reformation in 62198. (Rise 34)

Mercant Union
organization of people working in interworld manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, shipping, and trafficking outside Interplanpol capacities. The Union’s charter is the establishment and protection of employees, both public and private, within any aspect of the industry. SEE ALSO: Angroolian Flower Crisis; Kieran; (Rise)

Mitzi Doismeni
(44:3:62169 - 33:6:62179) daughter of Tarsus and Magda Doismeni, killed at school during the Kajerist attack on Moon. (SI)

Qualmloid world founded by Relk theologists, located in the Ytefgh Kluster

There are six months in a year, each six weeks long.  Weekdays are not named as the first of the week always ends with the integer 1.  The months do have names: Krinn, Zorfin, Pallas, Sorzle, Doorein and  Lepsid

any non-stellar celestial body that orbits another non-stellar celestial body

(Sentral Sistem world) (SI)

citizen of Sentral Sistem world Moon.  The name derives from Noshinsi and Qualmloid politicians on Shalhoon who opposed the human settlement of Moon. Instead of accepting the derision of the source of the name from the Qualmloid word for "snake" the Moonites embraced the term.

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Jadans native to Jada and Kona, a derogatory term used by Jadannis native to Fritzie. The implication is that Nalsis are overlords and destroyers of others’ dreams and freedoms. (PW)

natural speech
speech patterns of robots that are not broken at every syllable, sound or word. Natural speech is usually achieved with a wider range of recordings that access words rather than sounds. Androids with more exact replicas of organic throats and vocal organs or more sophisticated speech programming usually speak with the increased clarity of natural speech. Robots with creative thought systems usually also possess sub-programs that facilitates more systematic word flow.

New Qualm

Interworld computer network service used by varied Interworld media for news sources and reprintable articles. Any member of Newkomserv can reprint or represent any of the circulating articles as part of monthly or annual membership dues. Newkomserv is considered the basic and least specialized of such services.

"excrement" in native Qualmloid, an offensive word (VVV)

sleep cycle in environments without appropriate (or any) day/night cycles.

Nomad Network
Interworld computer network service used by varied Interworld media for news sources, used extensively in universities and libraries, including the library on Rachi.


Second largest continent on Fritzie

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Offiser Grand
chief executive officer of all Interplanpol operations  (IS)

"friend" in the principle orfezzin language. (IS)

from the Koman language, politikon

Blakkarrion word for "discovery" (13D)

Konvokashun ship that hosts the exploratory mission to Kurko. Oliniunt was commanded and run by Blakkarrions who were using Konvokashun resources to discover new worlds fit for Blakkarrion colonization. (13D)

largest city on New Qualm. Olterantish had not been the largest city on Qualm, but the second Olterantish grew in prominence and thus size over the capital Wazopli as a spaceport. (EW)

robot with a programming base that is reliant on an assigned starship, usually for repair, defense, or protocol/wait service. Most often an onboardbot’s programming is directly tied to the shipboard computers and the robot cannot function independently of the ship

onboardbot that cares for the needs of the crew or passengers on a starship with functions such as foodservice, housecleaning, and laundering.

Orfhez / Orfezzin

Organized Resistanse
the first rebel movement against the Kajerist Empire, begun in 62183. The Organized Resistanse was defeated by the Kajerists in 62186, yet commanders and administrative personnel survived to later form the Liberators. A portion of the failure of the Organized Resistanse can be attributed to the commanders' lack of clear, long range goals. The original purpose of this organization was as much to pose public resistance to the Kajerists as it was to liberate fallen worlds or prevent others from falling to Kajerist domination. (R)

"idiot" in Jadanni language (PW)

Ottirep / Ottir

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third month of an intergal year.

bible of the Relk religion, a combination of ancient Qualmloid texts and newer sections later added in order to foster interworld credibility. Other sections exist in twoo forms. The "true" edition indicates that Qualmloids were made in the Kreator’s likeness. Editions targeted for non-Qualmloids alter or omit these references.  (EW)

planet within the galaktik bulj that was conquered by the Kajerists in Dorein, 62181 after an attack spearheaded by prior political adversaries the Tords.  (VVV)

Perfekt Observer
character from the Qualmloid Fables, personifying a critic who makes no action of his own, thus risking no criticism from others in the manner he acts towards them.


reoutfitted planet that housed the Interworld Kounsil from IG 1027 to 25000

PlaneSpase Korporashun
spacecraft manufacturer based on Nutarkent known primarily for its lines of luxuriant starships such as the Royal Vessel line of speed yachts, which includes the Starcade. During recession periods, the corporation often made endeavors into other markets such as passenger shuttles and fighter snubships, but never met with the level of financial success as with their high-end lines.

non-stellar celestial body that revolves around a stellar body.

transparent synthesis of translucent mineral and plastics, used for cockpit windows, portholes, and other applications requiring paramount strength and durability. (SI)

Poco Kluster
the galactic cluster closest to the galactic bulge. The Kajerist Empire captured the Poco Kluster in 1:62183 by threatening to destroy Poco One. The Kajerists held the Poco Kluster until 62198 when Liberator agents including Femmer Kabenta and Jorgen, worked with natives of the inhabited worlds within the Kluster to sabotage and remove the imperial offense against Poco One.  The Poco Sistem is composed of 14 stars including Poco One. The cluster contains 1141 stellar systems altogether.
Member worlds:  Bilik, Hemp, Lol, Kensole, Minbrineder, Quaarg, Tanlansid, Telconsid, Tershlisque, Thira, and Veshlin

government officer assigned to every vessel owned or operated by the government of the Koman Republik. The politikon’s rank nearly equals that of the ship’s captain or commander, and can exceed the commander’s rank in situations deemed of political importance or crisis. The politikon’s primary responsibility is to see that the captain and crew operate in the best interests of the Koman government and its policies. Koman native word for politikon is okiysiv

portable computer terminal that remains linked with a larger and/or stationary network, akin to a laptop computer.

Powers of the Sirkle
twelve weapons of mystical nature crafted on Medea and used exclusively on Medea for thousands of years. Possession of these weapons was a frequent cause of war across regions of Medea when the Medean Elite had, for over one thousand years, withdrawn entirely from the society of the regular Medeans. The Medean Elite settled this problem for an extended time by keeping possession of the Powers to themselves, and later by storing the weapons in an unspecified location. They eventually solved the problem altogether by bestowing the weapons, one at a time, as gifts to dignitaries from other worlds across the galaxy, without stating or explaining the objects' powers, magics, or enhancements. These Powers include the Chrid, (publicly known by most Shalhoons as having origination on Medea), the sword and shield in possession of Kristof Kolten prior to the beginning of the Kajerist War and later bestowed upon his children Kassidi and Kristen, and MK-1, believed to be an exceptional compbot but in actuality the Medean Bauble of Knowledj. The presence of these two (the sword and shield count as one object) Powers in possession of one individual suggest that the Kolten trading family has actively sought out the Powers of the Sirkle in a quest that ended far short of completion.

probing telepath
division of telepaths probers can effortlessly read the thoughts of others, often including other forms of telepaths. Probing telepaths are more often the more powerful individuals or subsets of telepathic races rather than a racial ability. Probing telepaths can read thoughts and memories against the will of the probed mind. Wallflis possess probing abilities.

projecting telepath
any telepath who can project hir thoughts onto another being at any level. This can be subtle and untintentional projection from an empathic telepath or a concerted effort to bend other’s minds to an alien will. The most powerful projecting telepaths known in the Sivil Galaxi are the Wallflis of Ukal, small insectoid sentients discovered by the Blakkarrions prior to the beginning of the Kajerist War.  Conversely, members of non-telepathic races can exhibit unintentional and usually uncontrollable projecting telepathy, usually only on an empathic level.  (R, VVV)

prostate plane
space considered "below" the galactic plane, opposite from "eminent plane", the side from which the Sentral Sistem is situated.

standard measurement of weight based on the averaged gravitational exertion of the three hundred twenty-six worlds that comprised the first Interworld Kounsil. For matter of trade exchanges, the adoption of a universal measurement of weight had been the first issue addressed by the Interworld Kounsil. The average had been selected to reduce any world’s claim of potential trade leadership. One pul equals .83 one American pound.

smallest and closest of New Qualm’s four moons. (EW)

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Qualm / Qualmloid

Qualmloid Fables
series of tales salvaged from the Qualmloid heritage after the destruction of New Qualm. The fables portray larger-than-life mythological characters in short situations that draw a lesson to be learned. The fables are separate from the Relk theology.  Most characters from the Qualmloid Fables are more universally known under their Standard-translated names.

capital city of Moon, and the first Moon city to be attacked by the Kajerists on 33:6:62179. Ninety-seven per cent of Quartel’s population was killed.

Quiglini (VVV)
pig alien

mosquitoes originally native to Zhilkitzfaws, and inadvertently spread to many world colonized or extensively visited by Noshinsis.

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Rachi Carter
operating dictum of the penal complex on Rachi, originally forged by the Interworld Kounsil and the Interplanpols. The Rachi Carter outlines the laws governing the continued operation of the complex and the conduct of its administrators. Its primary statute is that it is to remain neutral in interworld conflicts, although this proved impossible during the Kajerist War.

Rak Velnub
Orfezzin male botanist who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

capital city of the Nuella continent on Fritzie (PW)

Ramel Hoipseg
(32:5:29600 - ?) Jadanni, friend of Malwella Tauz (PW)

Paalan ambassador in 62179, who entered Paala into the Kajerist Empire at the behest of Sabrina Kabern. In 2:62187 he was drawn and quartered by his people in response to the Blakkarrion destruction of New Qualm.

receptive telepath
any race or individual that can communicate telepathically with little or no difficulty, but cannot initiate telepathic communication with other non-communicating telepaths. Most humans are receptive telepaths.

Qualm nation, a capitalist democracy that first seized spacefaring opportunities, first site of contact by Simmellians

Regna Teloch
Kajerist officer in command of the conquest of Angroolia

independently-hovering recording camera used for surveillance and battle records. Rek-kams used by the Kajerists were oblong cylinders without sharp edges, like cones blunted on both sides. The camera aperture is located on the narrow end of the cone.

theology originated on Qualm, and brought to interworld acceptance with the expansion of Qualmloids throughout the galaxy after the destruction of Qualm. The Relk organization is highly structured, with rigid codes that govern the behavior of both clergy and congregates. God is viewed as the Kreator of all life and all worlds, and thus Hir dictates, as voiced by the Relk clergy and the High Jarti, should be obeyed, as "What Se created, Se can destroy." The Relks cite the destruction of Qualm as evidence of this, stating that God works often with indirect worldly guidance, rather than Hir more recognizable miracles.

a world that has undergone a "terraforming" process to the extent that life can survive on the surface without encasement or self-containment.


stimulant ingested to keep the patient awake and alert for prolonged periods. Revigor can be addictive if taken frequently, and can institute profound psychological effects that can catalyze permanent temporal and psychological damage.

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Resoid drone

title of the Resoid queen. The saam is larger and longer lived than other Resoids, either saab or treff. She can fly faster and farther. The saam is a strong communicating telepath while all other Resoids are simply receptive. The saam also has a serrated stinger and is capable of producing any of the three different forms of reproductive egg.

Sabrina Kabern

large bird of prey native to Qualm, extinct since the destruction of that world, but still revered as a symbol of the Relk theology.

third person nominative pronoun used to distinguish an amale person or identity, including robots.

"murderer" in the Qualmloid language

Sentral Sistem
stellar system closest to the black star Sentral. The Sentral Sistem does not include Sentral itself, but is seven light years distant from the black star. Five inhabited worlds were part of the Sentral Sistem: Dolar, Moon, Pixe, Shalhoon, and Shelswun.


shaving acid
gel used to removed unwanted hair, typically used once every one to three days to keep skin surfaces smooth. Shaving acid had initially been developed to remove hair prior to surgery, but quickly became used by the general populace. Shaving acid typically stimulates the hormones that produce hair, part of its development that had been engineered to assist the recovery from surgery and has been retained in the commercial market as a means of promoting frequent consumer purchase.


Shorlak / Shorns

hull of a starship placed over the cockpit. These shields are dual-layered with a light-reactive plax and a sliding shield constructed of the same alloys as the rest of the hull. The alloyed outer layer slides over the plax, protecting the crew from the blurring sights of supraspeed travel and blinding variances in stellar and spacial luminosity.

Simmel / Simmellian

Sivil Galaxi
yes, this is the Milky Way Galaxy, as referred to by non-earth inhabitants

Sivil Mishunnari
spacecraft that carried refugees from New Qualm after that world's destruction. The Sivil Mishunnari was intercepted by Kajerist vessels, and its crew and passengers were imprisoned.  )EW)

position aboard a starship responsible for overseeing the ship’s surrounding; scanning technician. These duties include monitoring battles, checking reading from any nearby worlds, supervision of ship’s systems, including the onboardbot network, and often rechecking flight plans for new or unreported interference.

brand name of a soap for daily washing that leaves a layer of sunblock on the user's skin, preventing burns. The line of products is in separate units labeled for different races.

galaxy-wide information retrieval system, used extensively in universities and libraries. Smartstar is generally considered to be the best of such systems, although in many ways its capacities are surpassed by MK-1.

fourth month of the Intergal year

SpaseRase Korporashun
Shelswunion-owned spacecraft engineering company, builders of the Triple-time thrust line of interworld-capable racing ships.

planet within the galaktik bulj that was conquered by the Kajerists in Dorein, 62181.  (VVV)

basic unit of currency issued by the Interworld Kounsil and accepted by all member-worlds, at least in the main spaceports

language adopted for interworld use from the human migrants’ language "English." Although humans had retained excellent command of their language during their migration, their own history was lost to them to the point that the source of nomenclature and other true human histories are indistinguishable from the myths and folk tales passed from generation to generation among the original migrants. While English was the basis for Standard, changes to insititude easier learning of the language were made before it was taught galaxy-wide, with individual letters consolidated to phonetic and resonant logic. While the verbal language and most of the letters remain basically unchanged, several changes were made that effect the language as written

Standard C
basically used as the symbol of the "ch" sound, except in some cases of personal and proper names, where the name was left unchanged by humans for the purpose of the preservation of heritage. The name of the Simmellian is properly pronounced as "Choppy." In all instances of non-proper words s or k is accordingly substituted, i.e. MK-1 is Master Computer One, Central System is Sentral Sistem, and church is curc. There are some varied exceptions to this, mostly in cases where the written form of the name was widely accepted before English was adopted as  Standard and cases where individuals wished to add distinction to the names of children or properties.

Standard G
hard g only, as in "good" soft g uses j: "geology" would be written as "jeoloji", and dropped as a first letter as in "gnome."  "Jorgen" rymes with "again"

Standard I
normal usage plus substitution for "Y" as vowel.  Sounds as hard "E" at the end of words

Standard J
"j" and soft "g"

Standard K
k and hard c, but dropped as a silent first letter. knowledge = nowledj.

Standard P
dropped as a silent first letter

Standard PH
dropped entirely for use of f

Standard Q
this letter was originally to be dropped in favor of "kw", but so many Qualmloids were already fluent in English that this form was kept.  It is rumored that Qualmloids perpetuated the Q to prove how inconsistent the human language was, because they were mad that their native language was not used.

Standard S
s and soft c, often substituted as "z" sound with an actual "z", except in pluralities.

Stabdard X
"z" form dropped: xylophone = zilofone.

Standard Y
dropped as a vowel entirely, except in the rare case of some proper names, where it was kept to preserve heritage

Standard Z
regular duty, and "s" as z and "x" as z, as in "az" for "as"

anyone who prefers Dolarians as sexual partners, either for the Dolarian ability to change shape and size or because Dolarian empathic telepathy allows the Dolarian to respond to the partner’s needs and desires on automatic primal reactionary levels. The term is often used as a derogatory insult from people who disapprove of such relationships by disapproval of inter-species sexual contact and/or because Dolarians are asexual. (EW)

Suppo / Suppoteel (IC)

space travel exponentially faster than the speed of light. Supraspeed in believed to be infinite if the vessel is free of all gravitational forces. Ships have been documented to fly the distance of a parsec in half an hour, although such speeds are only attainable outside the galactic bulge due to the interference of the comparatively close spacing of the multitude of stars and other bodies within the galactic bulge. Most ships isolate the gravitational well of the destination stellar system and increase speed as it nears the star’s gravitational exertion until manually (or automatically) decelerated for safe approach. The terms lightspeed and supraspeed are not synonyms. Lightspeed is considered the minimal limit to supraspeed and imposes most limits to supraspeed.

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T or T's
general abbreviation for telepath or telepathic effect

T-receptive or T-sensitive
a receptive telepath (VVV)

theoretical zone of influence formed in areas between linked or unlinked telepaths. Strong telepaths can feel t-fields. No outside instrumentation or experiment has been able to prove the existence of such a physical fields or spectrum on any wavelength or plane. (IS)

shock induced by telepathic backlash or attack that overloads the brain’s cells or functions, often inducing permanent brain damage or death.

Tarsus Doismeni (SI)

anything that blocks tele

any race or being capable of telepathic communication. Approximately 95% of races are telepathic on at least a receptive level. Far fewer are transmitting telepaths, and only a handful can probe the thoughts of others without the target’s knowledge or permission. Most races are simply receptive telepaths, able to hear telepathic transmissions made directly to them. There are several classifications of telepaths

mental communication. Telepathy is not a mental radio line. Telepathic communication is more of an imagery than word-for-word speech. Telepathy is not generally considered a worthy weapon because it is a relatively common ability at least on racial levels.

small town suburb of Ralmatta (PW)

infectious disease native to Jada. Widespread outbreaks happen on Jada, usually once every three or four generations. The disease never spread through routing Jadanni migration to their colonies. A vaccine wards against thaunt, and the infection poses no known no risk (as of Intergal 29631) to non-Jadannis. Off Jada, the preventative was typically only given to doctors and with Freedom Vaksines. In and of itself, thaunt is not fatal. Only when it interacts with the most common antibiotics does it transmute into a nasty, debilitating and lethal affliction. (PW)


coal-like mineral found on many living worlds that revolve around Type-F (white) stars.

tow field
an isolated gravitational force that captures specific targets and repels outside objects from the target, used to tow other ships through space, to bring ships into alignment for docking or other connection, or to bring a smaller ship into a holding bay or other cavity within the larger ship. A "tractor beam." (EW)

heaven, in Relk theologies

transmitting telepaths
race or individual that can initiate telepathic communication only with members of hir own race. If initiation is possible with a member of another race, the initiator is considered a communicating telepath.

water-holding sacks that grow from the mouth openings on the faces of Veshlis. Trenches look like fat sausages when full, and small shriveled appendages when empty.

Tri-Kluster Entertainment
one of the galaxy’s largest entertainment showcasing and booking agencies. Many members of this organization were discovered to be secretly aiding the Liberators during the later years of the Kajerist War.

"please" in most native Blakkarrion dialects, also translates as "now"


capital city of Blaakos, named after the Blakkarrion emperor. Each time a new emperor takes power, the name of this city is changed to take the name of the current ruler. Reference to it by the old name can become a capital offense depending on the mood of the overhearer and the officer or official the infraction is reported to. As a result, many Blakkarrions refer to the capital as Tildin, meaning ‘The city.’

Blakkarrion security officer who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

Turlipeke Mountain Range
small mountain range on New Qualm (thus also presumably on Qualm). The range was in mid continent. The trown of Welportish was located in a distant valley under the Turlipeke Mountains. (EW)

one-fifth of a standard, denominated with its own unit in printed money.

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building of worship in Relk beliefs. While an eltor is the larger complex of religious buildings within the community, the ubbamos is the actual building where services are held. (EW)

robot citizens of Ulven originally created on Simmel. The Ulvenbots were Simmellian allies until the Blakkarrions infiltrated and converted the Ulvenbots' shared programming systems, effectively taking over the moon. Ulvenhots served the Blakkarrions throughout the Kajerist War until...

nomenclature for organized criminal activities throughout the galaxy. The Orfezzin race is noted as the first large scale multi-world undergalaktik activity, stemming from Orfhez and Gordom. The majority of undergalaktik activates were controlled by Boss Slade at the end of the Kajerist War. (IS)

Unifier Prime
flagship of Kajerist forces, commanded by Gari Kordski from its christening in 62181. The Unifier Prime commanded the successful conquest of =nearly= one hundred worlds before its destruction at Medea in 62190.

the Blaakos-Shalhoon Empire (VVV)

(59:4:62094 - ?) chief of one of the primary Garren tribes on Garrikk. Working with Sabrina Kabern of Shalhoon, Unekbidannel entered Garrikk into the Kajerist Empire on 29:5:62182, and became the first Garren ruler to begin selling other Garrens into enslavement with the Kajerists. With the assistance of Kajerist resources, especially from the Blakkarrions, Unekbidannel rose in power to rule two continents of Garrikk.

Unit Ambassador
robot of Gardel constructed to serve as Gardel’s ambassador to the Interworld Kounsil. A new robot assumed the role every ten years, beginning in the first session of each year divisible by ten. Upon retirment, each unit is preserved on Gardel as irrefutable historical (but non-public, off Gardel) records.

Shalhoon’s uninhabited eighteenth moon.

Uriash Kemikal
Shelswunion plant that mixed and treated chemical and industrial dyes where Bolas Scharo arranged a job for his father in law, Blane Webster, shortly before Bolas’ wedding to Veronika.

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Vastorin capital spaceport of Angroolia, composed primarily of trees and plantlife manipulated into growth formations by the Angroolians.


Veronika Scharo

female Lurdik who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

Vizkalt (IC)
Vizkalter female alien

any unscannable and unexplored portion of space.

Vow of Rebirth
Relk ritual taken by jartis in commencement of their acceptance into the Relk clergy. The degree of the vows differ according to the jarti's experience, but usually only immediate family relations are retained.

"strong" in the Blakkarrion language

Blakkarrion, technician stationed on Simmel at the time of the Simmellian Liberation.

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unadvanced bear-type animal native to Ural, large enough to devour baseforms.

line of starships of Orfezzin manufacture. Warwajer battleships are generally considered to be the best warships made outside the Koman Republik. While most components, such as supraspeed travel capabilities and armaments, are the creation of other races’ technologies, the assemblage of Warwajers is considered Orfezzin design.

wave disruptor
weapon that produces an invisible force capable of moving people or objects. Wave disruptors are primarily used as policing instruments. The forcewaves are not lethal and allow stricken enemies to continue offensiveness after the wave disruptor's force is deactivated.  (VVV)

capital city of New Qualm, and Qualm before it. (EW)


one of the three largest cities on Moon,, and the second attacked by the Kajerists during Moon’s conquest.  (SI)

Wellnigh (VVV)
Wellnigh alien

farming community on New Qualm. Presumably, a comprable place existed on Qualm prior to that world’s destruction (EW)

Welportish Eltor
The Relk religious land and building in Welportish. (EW)

prostitutes and strippers  (WoD)

Orfezzin, "money obtained by"

Winashey Falak
Orfezzin-owned (names not specified) mercenary starship that participated in anti-Kajerist activity prior to the formation of the Organized Resistanse. This activity includes working for the Angroolians in saving Teloch Regna from Blakkarrion execution following Regna’s command of the failed conquest of Angroolia. It is unstated but open whether the Winashey Falak participated in the Organized Resistanse. The name translates to "lucky money" from the Orfezzin language. (VVV)

"wing it"
Orfezzin expression, "run" or "scram," referenced to Orfezzin wings that grow between their arms and sides.

Qualm nation dominated by Relk theologists; founder of Monatri

wreaths of mourning
typical flower arrangement for funerals among humans throughout the Sivil Galaxi is in the form of wreaths intertwined with branches. A wreath on a door typically indicates that a resident has recently died.

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XL Projekt
espionage ring under the direct command of Kethe Kajer and his immediate advisors, Sabrina Kabern and Tobbler Krebble. Peter Gibson served as project director on Simmel, and performed duties as its foremost scientist researching and developing the individual units constructed. All units were responsible for the safeguard of Kethe Kajer, and were also programmed with the directive ordering the safe capture of Blane Kajer, and possessed sufficient independent thought and action capabilities to fulfill those objectives. The XLs were built on Simmel with a synthesis of robotics and cloned organic beings. Units often subverted the role of the clone template. All units were built with internal armament that included a self-destruct initiative to prevent interrogating or dismantling. Most also possessed retractable lasers. Some possessed wave disruptors, pushers, and/or strength enhanced beyond the robotic norm for their template race. While the data core was not designed to link with other robots or comp systems, all units possessed inter-awareness of each other. The individual units could distinguish other XLs when in physical proximity, although many of the completed units had not previously met and had no knowledge of each other’s organic identities. Most were assigned identities that gave them a place and purpose within organic societies accepting of their template race or persona. The series was built and designed for espionage both against the Liberators and the Blakkarrions, and were built by the Kajerists without Blakkarrion awareness. The biggest failure of the XL Projekt was the unreliability of some units, almost exclusively due to robotic programming corruption resulting from the influence of the clone template’s persona on the computerized systems. The existence of prior personality traits allowed individual interpretation of the core programming. The Projekt laboratories were destroyed by Blane Kajer and Bolas Scharo during the Liberation of Simmel. All but ...#...of the XL units were destroyed in the final months of the Kajerist war.


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penal world maintained by the Koman Republik. Unlike Rachi, Yatorlin is not supervised. Criminals convicted to life sentences are teleported onto the world and left to fend for themselves. Yatorlin remains a self-sufficient agricultural world with no contact to the outside galaxy. Koman warships patrol the planetary system, but none land on the surface. Once a prisoner is delivered to yatorlin, their contact to the outside galaxy ceases.


Ytehgf Kluster

basic herding cattle common throughout the galaxy, farmed and bred for food, fertilizer, and clothing.

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small, non-Sentient feline often domesticated and kept as pets, mostly on reoutfitted worlds.

ground and cured buds and leaves from plants native to Gordom, made popular throughout the galaxy by Orfezzin traders. The leaves have varied culinary uses, but are most often consumed as a drink flavored by the steeped or boiled leaves (13D, WoD)

(59:4:29600 - ?) Jadanni, friend of Malwella Tauz (last name unspecified) (PW)

from the Orfezzin language, a formal address to a male person, "mister". (IS)

female Blakkarrion security officer who served on Konvokashun ship Oliniunt during the initial exploration on Kurko (13D)

original evolutionary homeworld of the Noshinsi race, destroyed 34:1:14123.

second month of the intergal year

trees originally native to Qualm. Zrhouvs have porous white bark and cross-grained wood growth. They grow to trunk diameters over two kroop.

character from the Qualmloid Fables, a depiction of beauty and perfection, without traces of narcissism, vanity, or arrogance. The Zunevul’s effect on others is often parabled as distracting or provoking obsessiveness in others.

moon of New Qualm that rolled into space following the destruction of New Qualm. (EW)

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Key to story references:

13D = "The Thirteenth Day on Kurko"
A = "Assailants" 
AE = "Ambassador and Emperor"
BA = The Bedross Ambush
CC = "Colors of Cold"
EW = "End of a World"
Fate = "The Fate of the New Companion"
FF = "Feeling Freedom"
FX = "The Fix"
IC = "Intimate Contact"
IS = "Interstellar Sting"
PW = "A Pediatrician in Wartime"
R = alternatively The Rise of the Kajerist Empire and or the larger work from which that is part, The Renegades
Rise = The Rise of the Kajerist Empire
RW = "Redeef's Hungry Wife"
SI = "The Spark Inside,"
SS = "Steps of Salvation"
UC = Uncommon Criminals
VVV = "The Veritable Vegetable Victory,"
WK = "Welcome to the Konvokashun,"
WoD - A Woman of Distinction