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29 March 2013
Our Haunted World
published on Amazon

21 January 2013
"Through Rose-Colored Lenses" published in Breath and Shadow

30 August 2012
Acceptance announced of "Through Rose-Colored Lenses" by Breath and Shadow

5 August 2012
Long overdue general editing & link updates

28 December 2011
WTF?! anthology available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon

20 November 2011
WTF?! anthology available for preorder

20 October 2011
"Blindsided" Blog announced

6 October 2011
"Feeling Freedom" publication linked
WTF?! cover posted

27 July 2011
Official publication of "The Thirteenth Day on Kurko" in It Lives!

30 June 2011
New material in "The Latest"

21 June 2011
Excerpts page made into a links page to story passages

17 June 2011
Announcing "The Rats of the Renaissance City" as accepted by Pink Narcissus Press' WTF?! Anthology

29 May 2011
"Sivil Galaxi" index  now includes the aliens Lurdik and Budor and world Kurko from "The Thirteenth Day on Kurko" and the race Garren from "Feeling Freedom."

23 May 2011
lexikon updated to include terms for "The 13th Day on Kurko"

20 May 2011
~announcing "Feeling Freedom" impending publication
~book covers added to main page

12 May 2011
~Announcing  "The Thirteenth Day on Kurko" as accepted by RuneWright Press for the anthology It Lives.
~print edition of "A Pediatrician in Wartime" available on in the omnibus M-Brane Science Fiction Quarterly #2

29 March 2011
~updating to reflect official publication of Malicious Deviance
~pages of "short stories" and "published work" divided by free or available for purchase

18 March 2011
~Amazon-available titles updated with links
~addition to "Excerpts" page

22 February 2011
links updated

6 January 2011
"A Pediatrician in Wartime" published in  M-Brane Science Fiction
"Short Stories" page updated with available free reads

1 January 2011
"A Pediatrician in Wartime" to be published in  M-Brane Science Fiction

29 November 2010
"Advance Gratitude" published in The Aether Age: Helios, available on

22 October 2010
~"Smokestacks" published in Breath and Shadow
~pre-orders for The Aether Age available
~"Bibliography" updated

12 September 2010
~announcing publication in Malicious Deviance
~editing and additions to "Excerpts"
~editing and additions to "New Stories"
~editing and additions to "Published Work"
~"Bibliography" updated

15 July 2010
general editing

4 July 2010
general editing

14 June 2010
lexikon expanded to include terms used in published stories

29 May 2010
general editing

22 May 2010
~"Excerpts" page added
~"Bibliography" page divided from "About the Author" page

10 May 2010
Links throughout the site are updated to accommodate the new forthcoming publications and to update The Aether Age links now that they have a more developed web site running.

8 May 2010
Announcement of new upcoming publications
~"Smokestacks" in Breath and Shadow and
~"Welcome to the Konvokashun" in Star Dreck.

3 April 2010
~Announcing "Advance Gratitude" in The Aether Age: Helios anthology
~new material under "The Latest"
~site map updated

1 October 2009
"The Veritable Vegetable Victory" published in M-Brane Science Fiction #9
Ordering available for the anthology Things We Are Not

27 July 2009
Announcements of "The Veritable Vegetable Victory" and "Pos-psi-bilities;" new material under "The Latest"

17 May 2009
Material added, including some Rise chapters and spec sheets for characters, worlds and races.

13 May 2009
Material added, including pages for Domenika, Marshalites, Shalhoon, Shelswun and more!

10 May, 2009
The whole site's new, rebuilt from scratch with a new and different web-authoring program.  Or haven't you noticed?