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two Jeff Kozzi publications in


a November 2005 horror short story, an Ocean State Eleven selection


a Sivil Galaxi story

Written in 2003, I purloined the complaints of a friend about her husband into a short-short story set in the Sivil Galaxi at an unspecified time and (for reasons explained in the story) an unspecified world.  In fact, aspects of this story were so unspecified that the race of the characters is not indicated in the story.  That was intentional on my part as a means of (1) keeping the story short and (2) not bogging down the reader with unnecessary information.  The theme of the story is very human.  For the record, I had envisioned the two characters as Orfezzins.

Alienskin published it in May 2004.


As each of these stories is potentially re-marketable, neither is reproduced on this site or archived by Alienskin.