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April, 1997
"Smoked" The Galactic Citizen #14

October 2001
"The Spark Inside" Once Upon a World #10

October 2001
"Hopeful New Century" in top 5% of  2001 Writer's Digest Short Story Competition

May 2004
"The Fate of the New Companion" Alienskin Magazine Volume 2, #10

October, 2004
"Flights of Fancy" #1, Alpha Waves - The Home For Alpha Flight Fans - Powered by vBulletin

November 2004
"Flights of Fancy" #2, Alpha Waves

December 2004, #11
Hopeful New Century

February 2005
"Flights of Fancy" #3, Alpha Waves

April 2005
"Braced for the Bite" in Midnight Times #9

April 2005
"Flights of Fancy" #4, Alpha Waves

October 2005
As the Squirrel Gods Command" in Alienskin Magazine

October 2005
meet the author Q&A, Community College of Rhode Island

March 2006
"The Long Way" in Dana Literary Society Online Journal 

May 2009
"Interstellar Sting" in M-brane #4
Interstellar Sting face


October 2009
"The Veritable Vegetable Victory" in M-brane #9
plant people

October 2009
"Pos-psi-bilities" (as by Jay Kozzi) in the anthology Things We Are Not

October 2010
"Smokestacks" in Breath and Shadow

November 2010
"Advance Gratitude" in the anthology The Aether Age: Helios

January, 2011
"A Pediatrician in Wartime" in M-brane #23
(reprinted in M-Brane Quarterly #2, March 2011)

March, 2011
"Love Refinished" in the anthology Malicious Deviance

July, 2011
"The Thirteenth Day on Kurko" in the anthology It Lives!

October 2011
"Feeling Freedom" in The Wi-Files

October 2011
"Blindsided" blog begun with a specific focus:  my descent to darkness
(referring to my eyesight, not my soul)

December 2011
"The Rats of the Renaissance City" in the anthology WTF?!

January 2013
"Through Rose-Colored Lenses" in Breath and Shadow

March 2013
"Ghost in the Rear-View" in the anthology Our Haunted World

"Welcome to the Konvokashun" in Star Dreck