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As a work in progress, there may be fact-check notes to inter-related works, and outright typos...

Yes, this same excerpt has been up for a while.  Most of my writing had been geared to the Blindsided! blog lately.  I have pecked at a few longer short stories that have been in the works even longer than Whitlock Publishing has taken to publish Our Haunted World.  I do not want to post too much from the same stories.  Submission of manuscripts to editors has also been slow.  "Stone Soup" has been complete for around two years and I am quite satisfied with the outcome, but it has only been submitted some four or so times.

FROM "Stone Soup"...

The entire village must have assembled at the pavilion by that time. The two Qualmloids were surrounded by women of all ages, along with children and some elderly males.

"I think you are quite foolish, for people who traveled here from such a ways afar. You may fly those ships, and have arrived in a remote and simple port of this world, but I am the matron of this village. I may not have met off-worlders before, but I know those who first descended to us were not your kind. They were short, of gray skin, with eyes like teardrops."

"Simmellians," Telmond identified. "The conquest of their world started this unfortunate war across the stars. We will share this fine soup with you in prayer for Simmel." Telmond heard alien stomachs rumble when the translator finished.