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New Stories

Even as my body of published work expands, I have a growing inventory of short stories that are ready and available for professional publication.  Titles and descriptions can be found in the chart below.  Novels ready and available for professional publication can be found and reviewed under the "Longer Works" navigation bar to the left.

"Ocean State Eleven" indicates stories set in my native Rhode Island.

"Sivil Galaxi" stories are set in my extensive fictional universe as seen in novels The Renegades, The Bedross Ambush, Uncommon Criminals, and A Woman of Distinction, and published short stories "Interstellar Sting," "The Spark Inside" and "The Fate of the New Companion."



Ambassador and Emperor

Sivil Galaxi

A story of strength and regret as the Blakkarrion emperor personally spearheads the invasion of Pixe.



Blushing Bride

Ocean State Eleven

These 2000 words prove that there's no bigger bitch than a bride on her wedding day.



Colors of Cold

Sivil Galaxi

First contact on the world Keppin as two members of the landing party--former spouses--find themselves obstructed by a blizzard.


Intimate Contact

Sivil Galaxi

This is a first contact story in the model of Philip K. Dick's "Colony," although the sub-genre of science fiction has been pretty well soured by bad episodes of Star Trek.

Take a philandering pig and aliens that only look baseform, and things are bound to go wrong.
5000 words


Layla and Suey

Flash Fiction: a cat fantasy


Memorial Dinner

Sivil Galaxi and Ocean State Eleven

Members of my Noshinsi race come to Providence as advance scouts in this contemporary and comical first contact/alien visitation story.

They arrive hungry.
1500 words


Redeef's Hungry Wife short story

Sivil Galaxi

Looking into the early days of the Sivil Galaxi during the colonization of Bedross.


Rethom and Blues

Ocean State Eleven

Flash  fiction in the horror/sf subgenre of brain parasites


Steps to Salvation

Sivil Galaxi

Flash Fiction: Zealots on the march!


Thoroughfares for all Thoughts

Psychic science fiction, as a psychic investigator who can sense other psychics and a detective with the ability to sense lies track down a woman capable of murdering with her mind alone.

This story had been accepted, but the magazine closed.  I do have full rights to be marketing the story elsewhere.

Three Shades of Ugly

Ocean State Eleven

The meeting of a self centered shopper and a smart ass clerk will impact both their lives, all because department store purchasing agents really don't always exhibit much taste.

Mainstream humor at 2100 words.